Trump said Home Alone 2 director insisted on starring in his film

Former US President Donald Trump has revealed an interesting fact from his past related to a Christmas movie. Director Chris Columbus personally asked Trump to take part in the second part of the cult film Home Alone, released in 1992, and he could not refuse.

Trump said that Columbus and his team begged to appear in the film, they were so persistent that he agreed. At the time, he was a busy man, owner of the Plaza Hotel in New York and host of his own television program. However, despite the workload, Trump could not refuse his colleagues in the film industry.

“30 years ago (how time flies) director Chris Columbus and others begged me to do a cameo in Home Alone 2.”


The role played by Trump was episodic – he played himself and appeared on screen for only a few seconds. In this short clip, he showed the film’s protagonist how to get to the Plaza Hotel lobby. The ex-president considers the film a Christmas hit.

Earlier it was reported that Philip Kirkorov would not appear on New Year’s broadcasts on Russian television on New Year’s Eve.

Philip expressed his apologies, but they have not yet been accepted. Currently, television programs are actively working in accordance with the new situation. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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