Trichologist Tikhonova: dandruff leads to hair loss and infections

Cosmetologist, dermatologist, trichologist Anastasia Tikhonova from the SM-Cosmetology center shared the main causes of seborrheic dermatitis, known as dandruff, writes Gazeta.Ru.

Seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff is a common condition that is often accompanied by itching, flaking and inflammation of the scalp. Despite its prevalence, the causes of its occurrence are not fully understood. The doctor notes that there are some factors that can contribute to the development of dandruff.

Various factors, such as nervous tension and hormonal changes, can cause a decrease in immunity, which in turn can become a prerequisite for the development of dandruff. In addition, genetic predisposition also plays an important role in the occurrence of dandruff.

The doctor emphasized that dandruff is common in men, especially during puberty and after 40 years. She also noted that the main role in the development of the disease is played by fungi of the genus Malassezia, which live on human skin. These fungi contribute to the development of dandruff and cause inflammation of the skin.

Immune status plays an important role in maintaining the balance between the body and microorganisms. If the immune system functions normally, microorganisms remain under control.

One of the reasons for the development of dandruff may be the use of aggressive cosmetics. Such products can disrupt the skin’s protective barrier and worsen dandruff symptoms. Additionally, hormone imbalances caused by puberty, pregnancy or menopause can also be a cause of dandruff and acne.

The trichologist also emphasizes the importance of maintaining head hygiene and paying attention to the state of the immune system. In some cases, it may be necessary to use specialized therapeutic and cosmetic products to combat dandruff and improve the condition of the scalp.

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