Trading in Astra Group shares started on the Moscow Exchange


Trading in Astra Group shares has started on the Moscow Exchange under the ticker ASTR. Opening price 466.2 rub. per security, which is 40% higher than the offering price – 333 rubles.

Trading in the securities started, but stuck at a price of 466.2 rubles, because there are no sellers, only buyers – this is called the bar, explained Nikita Kostanda, managing partner of Family trust group.

The shares are included in the second-level quotation list of the Moscow Exchange; trading and settlements are carried out in Russian rubles.

How reported company, it placed shares at the upper limit of the range – 333 rubles. for paper. Thus, the company’s market capitalization amounted to 69.9 billion rubles. The total demand from investors exceeded supply by 20 times. As part of the deal, the company offered 10.5 million shares, which is equivalent to RUB 3.5 billion. As a result of the IPO, the share of Astra Group shares in free float was 5%.

Official ceremony to begin trading in shares took place with the participation of representatives of the Moscow Exchange. It was attended by Chairman of the Board of the trading platform Yuri Denisov, General Director of Astra Group Ilya Sivtsev and Financial Director Elena Borodkina.

Astra Group is one of the leading producers of infrastructure software. The Astra ecosystem includes 17 products, including the certified Astra Linux OS, the Brest virtualization suite, and Termidesk software for creating virtual desktop infrastructures.


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