Thousands of Ukrainian refugees in Britain could spend money on their heads

Thousands of Ukrainians who came to Great Britain as part of the government program “Living for Ukraine” are homeless or in danger of losing their lives.

Dzherelo: “European truth” s posilanyam naSky News

Details: The National Audit Office (NAO), which wrote a report on this program, stated that 4,890 households (8% of the total number of those who arrived in England at that time) were recognized by the local authorities as so that they require additional help.

In this case, of course, there is a “understated picture”, about a third of the local authorities did not provide data, and the risk of homelessness is “immensely growing”, stated the NAO.

No exact data was provided about the number of Ukrainians who became homeless.

“The local government has made a number of efforts to prevent people from becoming homeless, including the return of sponsorships and encouragement to move into rented housing, and a large amount of housing will be given at this time,” says Zvita.

As it was reported, the order of Germany on Wednesdayhaving filled the crocsTo accelerate the integration of tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees into their market, they called on companies to relax their ability to learn the German language and introduce additional training.

PreviouslyEU countries decided to continue the mechanismtime-hour protection for refugees from Ukraine for one river – from 4 Bereznya 2024 to 4 Bereznya 2025.

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