This year’s rye harvest will fully satisfy Russia’s domestic needs

This year’s rye harvest will satisfy Russia’s domestic needs for the production of flour and bread, the Ministry of Agriculture reported.

“The expected harvest is about 2 million tons. Import of this crop into the country is minimal. The indicated volume, taking into account carry-over balances, is sufficient to satisfy internal needs for the production of flour and bread,” the press service said in a statement (quote according to RIA Novosti).

Earlier, the President of the Union of Flour Milling and Cereal Enterprises, Igor Sviridenko, said that rye “fell out of sight of government bodies,” and bread made from it could become a “pseudo-relict,” that is, a rarity.

He clarified that currently only 10% of rye flour is produced in relation to wheat flour. The Ministry of Agriculture noted that producer prices for food rye are currently 7.3% below the 2022 level. Rye flour production over 8 months increased by 2.5% year-on-year.

In March Vedomosti wrotethat the Ministry of Agriculture is exploring the possibility of making additional grain purchases for the intervention fund in 2023. A month earlier, the ministry stated that the department was not planning any intervention in 2023.

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