This is how the Championship Series is going in the Mexican Baseball League

The Championship Series in the Mexican Baseball League is underway in the North and South Zone, delivering emotions for Pericos and Leones, as well as Algodoneros and Tecos.

The Championship Series of the Mexican Baseball League, is being played in the North Zone and South Zone, living up to now emotions ticket by ticket, with the four teams that seek to reach the Serie del Rey: Algodoneros de Unión Laguna and Tecolotes de the Dos Laredos, as well as Leones de Yucatán.

After going through the First Playoff, the Zone Series, and reaching the Championship Series, also known as the Zone Final, the ninth teams have put on a great show.

In the North Zone, the first two games were played at the Uni-Trade Stadium and Parque La Junta, resulting in a ninth victory after the matches.

On Tuesday, the local team in Laredo, Texas, the Tecos beat the Algodoneros 5-8 in an entertaining game that was concluded with a three-run home run in the fourth roll.

But on Wednesday a strange, long, and fighting game happened. In Parque La Junta, the first base needed maintenance, interrupting the game for a few minutes.

Then a transformer burned out and turned off the lights, requiring specialized work that kept the shock stopped for 20 minutes.

He dropped a run for the visit on the first roll; until the eighth Tecos tied and sent the game to extra innings. In the tenth, both teams scored a run and so it lasted until roll 16.

Nick Torres hit a two-run home run, at the top, and in the home team’s turn, they were unable to do any damage to lose, tying the series to one victory per team, after 16 innings and five hours and 17 minutes.

On the field, emotions intensified and in the stands, passions were also vibrant, leaving their mark on a historic game.

The Northern Championship Series resumes on Friday at the Revolución Stadium, where at least three games will be played.

Pericos beats Leones de Yucatán in the Southern Zone Championship Series

In the Southern Series, the Leones de Yucatán are on the ropes against the Pericos de Puebla, being defeated in the first match by a score of 3-1 at the Kukulcán; in the second duel score of 5-2.

At Hermanos Serdán in Puebla, the series returns this Thursday with the third match, where the long-haired players are forced to emerge victorious so as not to be one defeat away from elimination.

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