Third zustrich shodo "tell the world" you can meet in life near Istanbul – ZMI

The third task for preparing the upcoming summit of the “formula for peace” proposed by Kiev can be obtained from the village of Turechchyn.

Dzherelo:Bloomberg From the message on your dzherela, write “European truth”

Details: Having learned from the preparations of the spy agency, the spyers informed that they are planning to join the national security guards and may take place “later this month” in Istanbul.

Russia, as before, will not be asked for help.

The White House was pleased to comment on this information.

What was it blowing?: A few days ago at Bankova they also stated thatto discover the third sustria of the Radniks before the “formula for the world” from Zhovtniwithout calling it a possible place to carry out.

The first two representatives of the Radniks from the National Security Service obtained the “formula for peace” fromCopenhagenin the darkJiddi(Saudi Arabia) at the sickle. Representatives from about 40 countries took part in the rest, including China, Brazil and India.

EuroPravda previously publishedtext of Ukraine’s “formula for peace” in ten points.

Also read the article by EuroPravda:The world with China and without Russia. How Bankova is preparing a “summit for the world” and negotiations about ending the war.

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