They decided to name Yana Poplavskaya’s granddaughter a rare name

On the eve of the New Year, an event happened in the family of Yana Poplavskaya – her son Klim again became a happy father, he had a daughter. They couldn’t find a name for the youngest representative of the family for a long time, and finally today they made the final decision.

The artist’s daughter-in-law shared this joy on social networks, publishing photographs from the multidisciplinary center.

At the MFC, Evgenia and Klim hesitated for a long time before making a final decision on the name for their daughter, who was born on December 30. All this time they addressed the baby as “girl.”

“Our turn came, but I didn’t go, I let the person pass so that, sitting on the sofa, I could think about the name again,” says Evgenia.


After much thought and discussion, the couple made their final decision. They named their daughter Aglaya.

Interestingly, Yana Poplavskaya’s grandson, born in 2020, also bears the rare name Ilariy.

The son of the star of the film “Little Red Riding Hood” recently returned from SVO. In November 2022, Klim received a summons and, without hesitation, went to the front line.

Earlier, actress Anna Peresild spoke out about criticism of the series “The Boy’s Word.” More about this read the material Public News Service.

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