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The world champion spoke about how he performed a dangerous element with Zagitova

World champion Alexander Gallyamov , performing in pairs with Anastasia Mishina , after the free program at the Grand Prix stage in Kazan , spoke about how he performed a lift from pair skating with Olympic champion Alina Zagitova. His words are reported by a Gazeta.Ru correspondent.

“Was it difficult to support Alina Zagitova? No. For the first time I tried it with someone other than Nastya. It is clear that Alina is in shape and working on herself: it was easy to lift her up. I lifted her with two presses, because Alina still hasn’t had many years of pair skating. I realized how much responsibility I had in my hands. I had to take command into my own hands. Fortunately, everything worked out great. Would Alina be able to perform in pairs skating? Alena Kostornaya did it! That means Alina could do it too,” Gallyamov said.

Mishina/Gallyamov in Tatarstan won gold at the stage in Kazan, scoring a score higher than the world record for the free program (158.25). Zagitova worked as a correspondent for Channel One in Kazan .

Earlier, Zagitova advised one of the skaters to “jump lower.”

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