The White House announced Biden’s speech on Israel and Ukraine

On October 19, US President Joe Biden will address the nation, in which he will address the attack by the Palestinian group Hamas on Israel and the situation in Ukraine. About it reported on the White House website.

It is clarified that Biden will deliver a speech from the Oval Office at 20:00 October 19 US East Coast time (03:00 October 20 Moscow time).

On October 18, the American president visited Israel and declared US support. He also announced asking Congress to provide an “unprecedented” aid package for Israel.

Earlier, the White House stated the need to support both Israel and Ukraine. During the briefing, White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby said the administration would seek additional aid to Kyiv and, if necessary, seek additional funding for Israel.

NBC cited three sources familiar with the matter. reportsthat Biden intends to ask Congress for $100 billion. Of this, $60 billion will go towards additional funding for Ukraine, and the rest will go towards providing assistance to Israel, Taiwan and protecting the US-Mexico border.

September 30 US House of Representatives approved an interim government funding project that will enable it to operate within 45 days. He excludes the provision of additional financial assistance to Ukraine. The document was later approved by the Senate and signed by US President Joe Biden.

Earlier in the Kremlin statedthat support for Kyiv by Western countries will decline regardless of the situation in Israel. According to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, this is happening because “technical capabilities have their limits, money tends to run out.” He added that the process is also affected by “emotional fatigue” and emerging questions about “how exactly foreign taxpayers’ money is being spent.”

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