The US Republicans have selected a candidate to seat the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Suddenly, this year, members of the Republican Party of the United States have chosen their candidate to become Speaker of the House of Representatives. He became Donald Trump’s henchman – Jim Jordan.

Dzherelo: NBC News

Details: Jim Jordan from Ohio beat Rep. Austin Scott from Georgia in a closed-door speaker competition on Friday.

A friend of Jordan’s bid to seat the speaker has been waiting for this week.

Prote, according to experts, can win the party nomination, but “not the speaker’s gavel.”

In just a fraction of the time, more than five unkind Republican Party members could block Jordan before voting in the House of Representatives, and several Republicans have already announced that they will not vote for Jordan.


  • 3rd anniversary of the imprisonment of the Speaker of the House of Representatives wake up Kevin McCarthy. This became under the clutches of the ultra-right wing of its Republican Party, where it was called in collaboration with the Democrats and the “secret place” to help Ukraine.
  • US House of Representatives I can’t praise the new lawsincluding further assistance to Ukraine, until the election of a new speaker.
  • 13th Leader of the Republican Majority in the US House of Representatives Stephen Scalise having voted to withdraw from the race to seat the speaker after the Republicans from the lower house of Congress could not unite on his candidacy.

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