The US House of Representatives removed the speaker from office for the first time in history.

The US House of Representatives removed Republican Kevin McCarthy from the post of speaker. Previously, no speaker has ever lost his post as a result of a corresponding resolution of the lower house, American media note.

The vote on the resolution came days after McCarthy was able to pass through Congress, with Democratic support, a short-term budget that will keep the US government open for the next 45 days.

The initiator of the resolution was fellow party member Matt Gates, one of McCarthy’s most vocal critics, who accused him of not doing enough to reduce federal spending.

“The one thing that the White House, the Democrats and many of us on the conservative side of the Republican caucus have in common is that McCarthy at some point said something to all of us that he didn’t really mean and never intended to condone. “, he said (quote via CNBC).

Eight Republicans voted for McCarthy’s removal, compared to 208 Democrats. notes Reuters. 210 congressmen opposed it. Supporters of the ex-speaker said at the meeting that he has successfully curbed spending and championed other conservative priorities despite Democrats controlling the White House and Senate.

Patrick McHenry from North Carolina will now become speaker pro tempore. transmits CNN.

By October 1 each year, Congress must approve the federal budget proposal for the next fiscal year. Otherwise, the government will be forced to close and declare a so-called shutdown. On September 30, Congress managed to agree on a short-term budget that will allow the US government to work for the next 45 days before the next vote, Vedomosti wrote. The initiative introduced by McCarthy does not include funding for Ukraine.

Approval of the short-term budget with the help of Democratic votes could cost McCarthy his job, Vedomosti wrote then. Gates immediately warned the speaker about this. According to House rules, one congressman is enough to bring to a vote the question of removing the speaker from office. At one time, this norm was approved by McCarthy himself, when he was forced to make concessions to the right wing of the party when elected speaker in January 2023.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov noted that the temporary US budget without funds for Ukraine is a temporary phenomenon, Washington will continue its involvement in the conflict. At the same time, he pointed to the growing contradictions in the West due to fatigue from the conflict in Ukraine.

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