The US House of Representatives approved a Cabinet financing project that excludes Ukraine


The US House of Representatives approved an interim project to finance the country’s government, which will ensure its work within 45 days, reports The Washington Post.

The plan was approved because representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties in the House of Representatives were able to reach a compromise: the interim budget will contain funds to cover the costs associated with eliminating the consequences of natural disasters within the United States, but it excludes the provision of additional financial assistance to Ukraine. The Republicans, who have a majority in the lower house of Congress, insisted on the last point.

Now the interim budget draft must be approved by the Senate, where the Democrats have a majority; they insist on continued funding of the Ukrainian regime. The publication notes that it is still difficult to say whether this project will be able to pass approval in the Senate, but if this does not happen before October 1, when the funds provided for by the previous budget to finance the activities of the US government run out, the country’s Cabinet will be forced to cease most of its activities. the so-called “shutdown” will occur. It is expected that after 45 days, both parties will agree and approve a full-fledged budget plan.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Kevin McCarthy, previously said that if US President Joe Biden orders his fellow party members to vote against the project, then the “shutdown” will be on his conscience.


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