The US has hired the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the first time, Ukraine – among the reasons

The speaker of the US House of Representatives, the lower house of Congress, Kevin McCarthy, was predicted to be imprisoned for the second time under the clutches of the far-right wing of his Republican Party, where he was accused of conspiring with the Democrats and the “secret party” Godi” to help Ukraine.

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Details: The decision to introduce McCarthy was supported by 216 members of the House of Representatives, including all members of the Republican Party, and 210 congressmen were opposed.

For the first time in the history of the United States, the Speaker of the Lower House of Congress was removed from office through the motion to vacate procedure, which allows a large number of congressmen to bring a special food item to the vote. In addition, voting for the Speaker of the House was expected more than 110 years ago.

Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives after the 15th try in 2023, after the agreement with the far-right republicans has been achieved. Vaughn, among other things, said that the motion to vacate could only be initiated by one congressman.

This mechanism became important for the influx of the ultra-right on McCarthy, since – as the second-round vote showed – the Democratic Party would not support the speaker at any time, as if there was food about his installation.

The initiator of McCarthy’s introduction was a representative of the far-right wing of his party, Matt Geitz, who saw the much-praised resolution on urgent federal funding to stop the shutdown due to the loss of Democratic votes.

Although this resolution did not transfer money to finance assistance to Ukraine, Heyz confirmed that McCarthy had made a “dark deal” with US President Joe Biden about praising support for Kiev in his fight against large-scale growth Its aggression.

It appears that McCarthy himself is not in principle opposed to the provision of military and other assistance to Ukraine – to replace his far-right “colleagues”, rather than publicly advocating for the Biden administration to guarantee recognition there are a lot of wasted funds, and from the Ukrainian side – a “plan for victory” in the war.

After McCarthy’s resignation, Republican Patrick McHenry, head of the House Financial Services Committee, voted against removing the speaker.

Now the process of electing a new postal head begins in the ward. How many will worry, it is difficult to predict, the Republicans may have an insignificant majority – 221 versus 212 in the Democrats, and the votes of less than five of them are enough, otherwise they would be blocked.

It is significant that in the White House, before the vote, they announced that despite the situation, McCarthy’s dismissal Congress can support additional funding for Ukraine’s defense needs.

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