The US got involved in Israel’s plan to invade Gaza – ZMI

The received US joined Israel’s plans for a ground operation in the Gazi Strip.

Dzherelo: Bloomberg From messages sent to Israeli residents and people close to the order

Verbatim: “According to the words of Israeli officials and people close to the order, the entry of the United States already means the method of carrying out the offensive – closely, how to separate the victims among the 2 million civilians who live in Gaza – and the order’s plans so that after its completion.”

Details: Three senior Israeli officials, speaking anonymously, insist that the US role and involvement in the war against Hamas is greater and more intense than in the past.

Bloomberg says that Israel announced the land invasion of Gazi last Saturday. In the middle of this year, the Israeli army was already admitting that a ground attack “could be different, don’t you think.” In these words, you may get upset later and worry more, getting hot in your inability to do so.

Between these days there was a series of visits by high-ranking US officials, including the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense, as well as President Joe Biden.

“President Biden is focused on changing the balance of the wider war to another front… This is a big deal,” said Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Eli Cohen in an interview.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated after Biden’s visit that agreement had been reached on “a plan to change the balance of forces in all theaters of military operations.”

Aboard Air Force One on the gateway to Washington, Biden said he spoke with the Israelis about a variety of “alternatives” to ground war through concerns about civilian casualties and the wider conflict.


  • The attack took place on Saturday, the 7th of August. The New York Times reported that Israel had to postpone its ground operation in the Gazi Strip, which was planned for the weekend, due to weather conditions.
  • On June 14, the Israel Defense Forces announced thatwill complete preparations for a “large-scale ground operation”.
  • On June 19, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told troops gathered near the Gaza Strip that the stink “will soon poach the enclave in the middle”.

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