The US Department of Commerce blacklisted 49 companies for allegedly supporting the Russian defense industry

The United States imposed sanctions on 49 companies from different countries for allegedly supporting the Russian military industry. should from a notice in the US Federal Register.

Most of the companies are registered in China – about 42 companies. According to US authorities, the sanctioned companies supplied Russia with “integrated circuits of American origin.” Among those subject to restrictions were one company each from the UK, Germany, Estonia, Finland and the UAE, as well as three companies from India and two from Turkey.

It is clarified that all blacklisted companies will be subject to a presumption of refusal to issue licenses to purchase American high-tech products.

In April, the US Department of Commerce entered export restrictions against 28 companies from Russia, Armenia, Spain, China, Turkey and other countries. Among the Russian companies, Art Logistics LLC, ETC Electronics, GFK Logistics LLC and others were subject to restrictions “for attempts to evade export controls and/or purchase goods of American origin for the Russian military and/or defense-industrial base.”

September 19, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury introduced sanctions against three companies in Russia that are related to aviation. Then the following restrictions fell under the restrictions: the Delta-Aero technical service center, the Aerosila research and production enterprise and the joint-stock company ODK-Star. It is clarified that they were on the register because of their alleged connection with Iran.

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