The US announced an increase in food inflation above official figures

According to official statistics, inflation in the United States from January 2021, when President Joe Biden took office, to September 2023 was 16.4%, but many Americans believe that the authorities are providing incorrect data because food prices have risen much stronger than it appears from the information from the relevant departments. About it writes Alfredo Ortiz in a column for The Messenger.

“Inflation has hit Americans’ living standards hard. Many people believe that horse racing [цен] turned out to be higher than official inflation data. And they’re not talking about the cost of gasoline, which has increased 64% from $2.42 to $4 a gallon since Biden took office,” Ortiz reports. One gallon of gasoline in the USA is 3.7 liters, respectively, the cost of 1 liter will be about 105 rubles. at the current rate.

Citing a Missouri woman who saved receipts for purchases made at the end of 2020 so she could compare prices over that period, the columnist points out that the cost of some products increased by 100% or even a little more. In particular, a pound (about 450 g) of turkey breast increased in price from $3.14 to $6.72, or by 114%.

In addition, a four-pound package of sugar increased in price from $1.58 to $3.12, an increase of 97%. A package of apple juice of about 2 liters now costs $1.98, while at the end of 2020 the figure was $1.18, so its price has increased by 68%. A pound of ground beef rose in price by 58%, from $3.46 to $5.47. The least expensive product on the list during this time was butter; the cost of a pound during the reporting period increased from $2.98 to $3.68 – by 23%.

All products were purchased at Walmart, they belong to a brand that belongs to the retail chain itself – Great Value, most often such products are sold at more favorable prices. According to the author, Walmart is actively curbing food price increases; prices in other stores can be much higher.

“The difference between official and true inflation explains the dismal level of approval for Biden’s economic policies… Data on how much prices have actually risen explains why Americans are so frustrated with their economy,” he says.

Earlier, the US Department of Labor reported that inflation in the country as of September was 3.7% in annual terms, with a target of 2%. In 2022, prices in the US officially increased by 8%, in 2021 by 4.7%.

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