The UP publishes a report on the introduction of Zlochevsky, illegally classified by the Anticorruption Court

“Ukrainian Pravda” published a secret statement about the former Minister of Ecology Mikola Zlochevsky, who did not suffer real punishment for the multimillion-dollar swag, having paid a fine and donated to the ZSU.

Dzherelo: material UP “How pennies turn over Evil. We reveal the history of Zlochevsky’s secret virus and publish his text”

Details: The official reason for the secrecy is that the meeting at which the investigation was discussed was held behind closed doors.

As explained by the SAPS, the initiator of the closure was the defense minister. There were two sides: the court heard information about equipment purchased for the army, as well as medical information about one of the defendant’s relatives.

However, first of all, the closed mode may be too partial, at the time of disclosure of non-public information, and not necessarily capture the entire view.

In other words, a closed look does not automatically mean that the virus is classified. For whom, however, there are looming buti around the frames.

It is possible to classify information privately – information that is not public and for the protection of any court, going into closed mode.

The text of the text, which was published in the UP, is clear: no one has any data about the formation of the army, or the medical prison. The document simply did not have anything secret. Please check with the registry.

What happened before: The Greatest Anti-Corruption Court in the Republic of Uzbekistan without explainingwhy classified the entire text to Virok Zlochevsky.

Know more: “How pennies turn over Evil. We reveal the history of Zlochevsky’s secret virus and publish his text”


  • In the summer of 2020, it became known that NABU detectives documented the fact that the current minister and government official had given Burisma HoldingsZlochevskyswag of NABU kerivnitsa and SAP kerivnitsa Nazar Kholodnitsky. They talked about trying to bribe 6 million dollars.
  • 1st month of 2020 law enforcement completedinvestigationthis is what you need to do.
  • September 1, 2023 SAPO reported that the Great Anti-Corruption Court confirmed the finding of guilt betweenprosecutor and Zlochevsky. On the right, the prosecutor’s office reclassified it from swag to the greater extent “sinking in the water.” The examiner was fined 68 thousand hryvnia. In this case, Zlochevsky donated nearly 660 million hryvnia to the ZSU.
  • Myselfvirok secrecyand no registration with the ship registry.

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