The United States urged Zelensky to focus on the fight against corruption

US Treasury Secretary Janet Ellen called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to focus on the fight against corruption and better governance.

Dzherelo: “European truth”, statements of American officials, as reported by Reuters

Details: Vaughn said that the United States will continue to provide economic support to Kiev and welcomed the focus of the Ukrainian government on the fight against corruption and increased visibility and proper taxation.

“The continuation of these portable meals will be key to the future security that the Ukrainians deserve,” said Ellen.

Behind these words, Ukraine’s economic team developed the right policies and achieved significant results in a difficult situation, relying on Kiev’s IMF credit program amounting to 15.6 billion dollars.

Vaughn added that the IMF program was key to ensuring macrostability and implementation of reforms, saying that continued work on these reforms would be necessary for the country.

CNN previously reported thatThe received States have called out Ukraine for the rest of the yearreport more efforts to fight corruption in the ranks, tying them up with further Neva support, and through a diplomatic note.

Before the event, the United States sent Kiev and international donors for reviewoverflow of “priority reforms”how to navigate decisions about assistance to Ukraine.

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