The United States Team Steals the New Guillermo Ochoa

Antonio Carrera has attracted attention in the youth team of FC Dallas of Major League Soccer. The young goalkeeper would have decided on the United States

One of the elements that has attracted attention is Antonio Carrera, born in Pachuca and who has been active with the FC Dallas youth team of Major League Soccer, with great saves and his resemblance to Ochoa, generated media interest. Although unfortunately for the Mexican Soccer FederationCarrera has already decided to play for the United States.

At 19 years old, Antonio is already 1.93 meters tall. Despite his dual nationality, he never received a call from Mexico, although he could still change his mind if a serious call and a good project presentation came from the Mexican National Team.

The call for the Mexican National Team for September

This week, Jaime Lozano’s first call-up list as Technical Director of the Mexican Soccer Team was presented, with a view to the friendly matches that the national team will play this September on American soil against Australia and Uzbekistan. It was through social networks that the names of those selected were announced, this time, in a very peculiar way.

On the list of players, there are some important absences such as that of Hirving “Chucky” Lozano or that of Víctor “Pocho” Guzmán, as well as that of Julián Quiñones who, in recent days, the coach himself had confirmed to be part of the next calls.

It is probable that for the duels that Mexico will have in October against Ghana and Germany, the Azulcrema soccer player already has this requirement so in this way he will be called by Jimmy Lozano and thus receive his first opportunity to wear the National Team shirt.

Julián Quiñones is the new naturalized player for Mexico, so Jaime Lozano, who has this opportunity to be in front of the Mexican National Team, announced that there would be room for the Club América player in his squad due to the different qualities that has and that, of course, are useful.

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