The United States secretly handed over ATACMS to Ukraine, which it used to hit the airfields of the occupiers – ZMI

The defense forces deployed long-range ATACMS missiles to attack two airfields in Russian-occupied Luhansk and Berdyansk.

Dzherelo: The Wall Street Journal, Politico from messages sent to inform the spivozmovniks, transmits “European truth”

Details: According to the WSJ, over the past few days, the United States has secretly sent “a small number of missiles” to Ukraine. Other details are not disclosed, but it is clarified that the modification of ATACMS, which was developed by Ukraine, has a range of up to approximately 160 kilometers.


  • Previously, the forces of special operations of Ukraineconfirmedthe destruction of airfields near the quickly occupied Berdyansk and Lugansk, as a result of which nine Russian helicopters of various modifications, special equipment, a launcher for an anti-aircraft defense system and an ammunition depot were lost.
  • For months, Ukraine has been asking the United States for far-reaching means of strengthening in order to defeat the goals of the Russian occupiers in the background.Washington was convinced through battleThis is due to the escalation on the side of the Russian Federation and the shortage of missiles for the American military.
  • Great Britain and France, however, also gave Kiev the long-range missiles Storm Shadow and SCALP, which Ukrainian forces effectively stagnated in the time-occupied territories, crammed into Crimea.
  • In the spring, ZMI wrote, US President Joe Biden informed Volodymyr Zelensky at a meeting at the White House that Washingtontransfer a small number of missilesATACMS for assistance in the war with Russia. There was no official announcement about this dossi.

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