The United States is preparing naval fire until the mighty throat in Israel – CNN

The United States is preparing a quick response from the marines for a possible outbreak in Israel.

Dzherelo: CNN s sent to American officials

Details: The 26th Marine Expeditionary Force, which is currently conducting special operations, is preparing for an attack in which it will be punished for approaching Israel in order to take advantage of positions there. tsіyu American forces.

The parasite, which is currently aboard the landing ship USS Bataan, consists of over 2,000 Marines and sailors and will eventually support a large-scale evacuation. The main tasks of the naval expeditionary group include evacuation operations and humanitarian assistance.

Such an order had never been given to a child before, officials said. In recent days, defense officials have repeatedly stated that the Pentagon could quickly send additional forces and capabilities to the region if it were not necessary as Israel continued to fight against the terrorist group. Hamas.

Earlier this year, the United States fired up a strike group of Ford aircraft carriers near the Mediterranean Sea as a demonstration of the flow of any groups or countries that might lose the nerve to enter into conflict.


  • US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at NATO headquarters in Brussels on the 13th, saying that The United States can immediately provide all necessary military assistance to Israel and Ukraine.
  • Austin stated that Washington should not put its thirsty minds before stagnation military assistanceas he tells Israel, he wants to rest assured that he will be victorious.
  • 10th anniversary The received States informed that they do not threaten us bring troops into Israelwho recognized the attack from the side of Hamas terrorists.
  • This week the President of the United States Joe Biden ordered additional support Israel, which was aware in advance of a large-scale attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.
  • The Pentagon announced the relocation of US military ships, including aircraft carrier and additional aircraft, closer to the Mediterranean after the Hamas attack.

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