The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Gorlovka in the DPR

On the morning of Sunday, February 4th, militants of the Ukrainian armed forces attacked the city of Gorlovka in the DPR. This follows from a message published on the Telegram channel of the mission of the republic to the JCCC.

It is noted that the fire was fired at 07:25 from the village of Dzerzhinsk. When carrying out the strike, the Ukrainian Armed Forces militants used NATO 155 mm artillery guns. A total of four rounds of ammunition were fired.

“Fire was recorded from the AFU in the direction: 07:25 – no. p. Dzerzhinsk – n. Gorlovka village (Nikitovsky district): 4 shells of 155 mm caliber were fired,” the publication says.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation shared information that artillerymen belonging to the West group of troops managed to destroy reserves that were approaching the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kupyansk direction. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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