The UCP has opened from the right through the bayka of people’s deputies Kunitsky and Dmitruk

The Prosecutor General registered criminal activities through the intelligence of the great people’s deputy of the Servant of the People Artem Dmitruk and the high-ranking deputy of this faction Oleksandr Kunitsky.

Dzherelo: UCP press service

Verbatim: “Following the fact of the incident between people’s deputies and citizens on the 5th of June near the center of Kiev, the Prosecutor General registered criminal offenses.

Legal qualification – moderately serious bodily abuse, as well as hooliganism, which is a gross disruption of the general order from the motives of obvious disobedience to marriage, which is accompanied by special boasting and blaming cynicism, group behavior.”

Details: It is clarified that criminal investigations and pre-trial investigations have been entrusted to the Main Investigation Department of the DBR.

What was it blowing?: On June 5, it became clear that in the center of Kiev there was a fight over the participation of the factional deputy Artem Dmitruk and the deputy from the Servant of the People faction Oleksandr Kunitsky.

Merezha was crowdedlow video recordings.

UP on Dzherela informed that law enforcement showing signs of hooliganism and the infliction of mild bodily punishment of average severity in their actions.

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