The traffic police representative listed the mistakes when overtaking a truck on the highway

Overtaking a truck on a two-lane road requires special care and attention on the part of the driver. This is not only due to limited visibility, but also because the speed of movement can be very high. A representative of the traffic police shared the main mistakes that even experienced drivers make when overtaking trucks on the highway, reports

Clinging to the back of a truck severely limits visibility into oncoming traffic. If you overtake by stepping back a little, you can see the road ahead much better and notice oncoming cars from a greater distance.

Many drivers believe that if there are no cars in the oncoming lane, then they can accelerate. But that’s not true. Often, an overtaking driver is suddenly “hit” by another car from behind. Such high-speed collisions can have serious consequences. Before maneuvering, be sure to look in the left mirror.

You should not try to overtake several cars at the same time. The more cars you want to overtake, the higher the likelihood that one of them will also start overtaking with you.

If your vehicle does not have sufficient power, especially on an incline, you should not attempt to pass a long, fast-moving truck. Overtaking in such conditions can be prolonged and protracted, and can also turn into a “dangerous competition”.

Sometimes it happens that you drive into the oncoming lane and notice that another vehicle is also starting to overtake. In this situation, the most dangerous mistake is to continue driving in the oncoming lane. If the attempt to overtake fails, the only correct solution is to quickly but carefully return to the right lane.

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It was also reportedthat a draft has been submitted to the State Duma to increase fines for drivers refusing to stop at the request of the police and violating the rules for transporting goods.

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