The State Duma ratified the agreement with Indonesia on the extradition of criminals

The State Duma ratified the agreement between the Russian Federation and Indonesia on the extradition of criminals. About it reported on the legislature’s website.

According to document, signed in the province of Bali on March 31, 2023, Russia and Indonesia “undertake, upon request, to extradite persons located in the territory of the requested party and wanted by the requesting party for the purposes of criminal prosecution or execution of a sentence.” An offense is extraditable “if it is a criminal offense under the laws of each State Party” and is punishable by imprisonment for at least one year.

Interfax with reference to Deputy Minister of Justice Andrei Loginov clarifiesthat the treaty contains a number of restrictions that relate to situations where the requested party considers that the extradition of a person could harm its sovereignty or security. At the same time, the Ministry expects that Indonesia will extradite to Russia, in particular, those who discredited the participants in the special operation, spread false information about the Russian armed forces, or financed the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Loginov also noted that in 2020, the Prosecutor General’s Office sent one request for extradition to Russia, in 2021 – two requests for the extradition of two persons, in 2022 – one request. In 2023, two extradition requests were sent to Russia and a decision was made to deport one person.

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