The sounds of vibukhs were heard in the Poltava region

Near the Mirgorod district in the Poltava region, under the hour of alarm, the sound of a vibing sound erupted.

Dzherelo: Suspilne s sent to the town residents, head of the Poltava OVA Dmitro Lunin

Verbatim: “Mirgorod has a distinct sound of vibration. The town’s inhabitants told Suspilny about this.”

Details: At 23:38 on Friday, the Poltava region was in a state of alarm.

Povitryani forces informed about missile problems.

About 00:11 in the Poltava region there was a loud voice of alarm.

Updated: Later, Lunin announced that the enemy was attacking the Poltava region.

Straight language: “Under the hour of great alarm, there was a distinct sound of vibration in the Mirgorod region.

Information regarding critical and civil infrastructure is obtained.

In advance, no casualties.”

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