The soldiers repaired their battalion commander’s cabin for "fights" from the front: they were trimmed

The lieutenant colonel entrusted the two to repair the cabin of his relative in Bukovina, replacing the victorious factory near the combat zone.

Dzherelo: press service State Bureau of Investigation, press service Specialized prosecutor’s office in the field of defense in the Zahidny region

Details: According to the investigation, the lieutenant colonel instructed the two military services to replace the dispatch to the “hot spot” with a mutual benefit – to repair the booth that belonged to his close relative.

The stinks have been used for four months and have been officially respected so that they are in the area of ​​​​combat operations in the Land of the Land. At the same time, penny security and additional payments were illegally deducted.

It was established that instead of the direct obligatory production of black and white 2023, the stench was located in the Vyzhnytskyi district of Bukovina.



The DBR clarifies what is going on about the subordinates of the sergeant and soldier. They withheld all payments from the permanent obligation, including “combat” surcharges of 100 thousand. UAH for each month.

Law enforcement carried out a low search and captured two military personnel.


prosecutor’s office

The commander of a military unit is suspected of having been transferred to the military camp (Part 5 of Article 426-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), a sergeant and a soldier are suspected of being in military service in the minds of a military camp (Part 4 of Article 409 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) Ukraine).

The commander faces up to 12 days of loss of will, the sergeant and soldier – up to 10 times of loss of freedom.

There is food available for them in the world around them.

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