The SBU used drones to control the blackout of Russians near the Belgorod region – Dzherelo

On the 15th of June, the security service attacked an electrical substation near the Belgorod region, until the military unit of the Russian Federation was connected.

Dzherelo: Spіvrozmovnik UP in the intelligence service

Details: Nights of the Russian Ministry of Defense has grown27 drones were lost over Russia.

An hour ago, the SBU security service provided “Ukrainian Pravda” with a video of a recent attack on an electrical substation near the village of Krasna Yaruga.

According to the intelligence service, before it, among other things, there were connections to the military objects of the occupiers.

The video shows how the UAVs were targeted.

The service added that its work demonstrates to the Russians that they are not aware of the number of attacks on the energy infrastructure from their side, and “the reality that they are already at risk.”

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