The SBU came to the protesters, as they directed "Iskander" at the cafe in the village of Groza

The Security Service of Ukraine “on the basis of hot evidence” identified two people from the city as having prevented a Russian missile attack on a cafe near the village of Groza in Kharkiv region on June 5.

Dzherelo: press service SBU

Details: The villains turned out to be two local residents – 30-river Volodymyr Mamon and his younger brother 23-river Dmitro Mamon, who, under the hour of occupation of the region, switched to the side of the Russians.

As a result, the “plantings” were seized from the lavas of the occupation “internal affairs department of the military-civil administration of the Kharkiv region.” There, one of them was designated as a “driver of a convoy group,” the other as a “road patrol inspector.”



However, in advance of the region’s grievances, the people from their homelands flowed to the Russian Federation, where they continued to suffer at the mercy of the aggressor country.

Following the instructions of the Russian occupiers, they began to remotely formulate the power of informants in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

For this purpose, “in the dark” they were brought to the preventive activity of their relatives, neighbors and those familiar with the deoccupied places and villages of the Kharkiv region.

Under the guise of friendly roses and chatter on the messenger, the spectators absorbed information from people about the deployment of the Defense Forces and massive attacks on the territory of the region.

Following the investigation data, with the beginning of this fateful fate, the figures began to collect information about the planned recuperation of the deceased Ukrainian prisoner near the village of Groza. With this, they realized that as a result of the enemy’s attack, the peaceful bastards would inevitably perish – they knew them from the village of Groza, including those who, by giving them information, would tell the secret service.



Having learned the exact address of the peaceful entry, Volodymyr Mamon handed over this tribute to the Russian occupiers.

The Russians decided to launch a targeted strike on a Ukrainian village from the abandoned Iskander M operational-tactical missile system.

As a result of the recent attack of the Russian Federation, 53 civilians died, among them a small child. Six more civilians were injured.

On the basis of the collected evidence, the Security Service investigators suspected both of the defendants of the state’s security, of wrongdoing in the minds of the military camp behind the front-line group of individuals.

In addition, the evil actions of Volodymyr Mamon are additionally qualified under Part 5 of Art. 27, part 2 art. 28, part 2 art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (assistance in violation of laws and war, committed with intentional killing, committed behind the forefront of a group of people).

Remnants of resentment and evildoers are rehabilitating on the territory of Russia, demanding comprehensive approaches to establish their locality and retribution.

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