The Russians were renewed and trying to master Kup’yansk – Sirsky

The commander of the Combined Grouped Army, Colonel General Oleksandr Sirsky, announced Russia’s new offensive in the Makiivka area and directly on Kup’yansky.

Dzherelo: Sirskiy, whom I quote Military Media Center

Direct language from Sirsky: “The enemy, after inflicting heavy losses, in two months resumed and launched active offensive operations in the Makiivka area, and then in the Kup’yansky direct. Important battles are taking place.

The main goal of the war is the defeat of the grouping of our troops, the sharpening of Kup’yanska and the entry to the border of the Oskil River.

The enemy is constantly launching dozens of attacks by assault groups supported by armored vehicles, conducting heavy mortar and artillery fire on our positions.

However, our fighters were ready for such a development and would give every chance to the enemy. You have to spend too much without achieving the desired success.”

Details: Sirsky visited the front line in order to appreciate the operational decisions and understand the situation, having seen the military units that are conducting defense in the mix of the operational-tactical grouping of the Liman military forces.

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