The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the UN Security Council of inaction on the situation in the Middle East

The UN Security Council was unable to make a decision that would help stop the bloodshed, alleviate the humanitarian consequences and create the preconditions for overcoming the crisis in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone. About it stated Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“A clear, strong and collective signal was not sent calling for an immediate, sustainable and respected humanitarian ceasefire,” the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized.

The Foreign Ministry also accused the UN Security Council of not organizing an open meeting on the situation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone and consultations of delegations with interested countries for further steps.

“The results of this course are not long in coming: the number of dead and wounded in Israel was 1,400 and 3,900 people, the number of Palestinian casualties has already exceeded 2,800 and 10,800 people, respectively. According to the UN, about 450 children were killed in Gaza, and about 750 more are under the rubble of houses destroyed during air raids,” the Foreign Ministry said.

17 October Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN Gilad Erdan statedthat the fighting in the Middle East will end as soon as the Hamas militants lay down their arms and release the hostages. Erdan called on the Security Council to declare the group a terrorist organization and support Israel’s right to self-defense.

On October 7, the Palestinian group Hamas attacked Israel. The Israeli army responded by launching an operation called “Iron Swords,” and the government announced that the country had entered a state of war.

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