The Russian forces shot down 2 out of 6 missiles and 11 out of 12 Russian drones

The Russians attacked Ukraine overnight with 6 missiles and 12 Shaheds, 2 missiles and 11 drones were shot down.

Dzherelo: Povitryani forces ZSU Telegram

Verbatim PS: “In all cases, one Iskander M ballistic missile, five Kh-59 hardened aircraft missiles and 12 Shahed-136/131 attack UAVs were recorded.”

As a result of the combat work, two armored aircraft missiles X-59 and 11 “Shahed-136/131” were destroyed by the forces and personnel of the Air Forces.

Details: It appears that the occupiers were attacking foreign and similar regions of Ukraine with air-launched missiles.

The Russians sent the “shahedi” in different directions, looking towards the approach.

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