The Russian Federation’s fear of losing its ships is strong, and they are afraid of blocking Ukrainian ports – British intelligence

The Russian army is afraid of wasting its warships, and therefore Moscow plans to block Ukrainian exports with the Black Sea, British intelligence has been warned.

Dzherelo: ringing British intelligence

Verbatim: “The risk of further military expenditures and greedy political consequences of the attack by the Russian military-naval forces on merchant shipping, sooner or later, to take into account whatever the winner is, to try to block trade in Ukraine “.

Details: According to the agency, Russia has already reduced its defense position after summer attacks on the Black Sea Fleet.

A lot of prestigious objects were transferred from occupied Crimea to Novorossiysk, including ships and submarines with cruise missiles.

Guess what:The military-naval forces reported that the Russian patrol ship “Pavlo Derzhavin” was on June 13 buv exercises dvichiand around the new one, the tugboat “Nikolai Muru” was damaged.

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