The Russian Federation shelled Kherson and its outskirts: there are dead and wounded, people are searching under the rubble

Russian troops shelled Kherson and the Kherson region this day, killing, according to previous information, one person and wounding four more.

Dzherelo: student of the Kherson MBA RomanMrochko that head of Kherson OVA Oleksandr Prokudin at Telegram

Direct language Mrochka: “Close to today, the Russian occupation forces from the immediately occupied left bank hit the Dnieper region of Kherson. Private buildings were destroyed. Following the recent enemy shelling of the Kherson city, the world but the person was injured.”

Details: You have noted that information about the injuries is being clarified.

Before that, Prokudin told the locals that in the windy expanse of the Kherson region they recorded the activity of hostile aircraft and the massive launches of missiles and ceramic bombs.

Vranci 3 zhovtnya okupati already drove around Kherson. Around 6:00, the residential neighborhoods near the middle of the city burst into flames – the invaders destroyed the villages of Kherson residents, cars and boutiques, but people, according to Prokudin, were not harmed.

Updated: Prokudin reported that the enemy had also launched an airstrike on Antonivtsi. According to previous information, three local residents were injured. There may be people under the rubble of budinki. Information is being updated.

A recent student of the Kherson MBA, Roman Mrochko, reported that three years ago, as a result of the shelling, a Kherson resident died, who was in the garage at the time of the strike.

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