The Russian Ambassador was called out after the shelling of a cafe in Grozia "na kilim" near Vidnya

The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called out the Russian Ambassador in connection with the missile attack on a cafe in the Ukrainian village of Groza in the Kharkiv region.

Dzherelo: MZS Austria Twitter (X)conveys “European truth”

Verbatim: “Russia’s ambassador to Vidnya was loudly called out after yesterday’s sickening rocket attack on a village in the Kharkov region, which took away dozens of innocent lives.

Attacks on the civilian population by military scourge. Winnies may be attracted to the point of resemblance.”


  • On the 5th day of the year, Russian troops hit a cafe-shop in the village of Groza Kupyansky district of the Kharkov region, as they were holding a memorial service for a dead soldier. On impact52 individuals diedamong whom is the widow and son of Viyskov.
  • The Ministry of Health of Austria called for fair punishment for the attack on the village of Groza, which was called a “screaming violation of international humanitarian law” by Russia.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said that the continued missile strikes of the Russian Federation and the massive death of civilians are a damn guess why It is important to protect and strengthen international support for Ukraine.
  • After the mass death of civilians at the Thunderstorm, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace called for Germany Unblock Ukraine’s supply of long-range missiles Taurus.

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