The ruling party received the majority of votes in the elections to the Polish Sejm

After processing 100% of the ballots for the elections to the Sejm of Poland, the ruling national conservative Law and Justice party receives the largest number of votes – 35.38%, should from data from the National Election Commission of Poland.

The second place in terms of the number of votes is gained by the opposition party “Civil Coalition” – 30.7%. The Third Way has 14.4%, the Left has 8.61%, and the Confederation has 7.16%. The remaining parties participating in the elections received less than 2% of the votes. The turnout for the elections to the Polish Sejm was 74.38%.

Earlier, after the publication of the exit poll results, Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk noted the possibility of forming a government based on the results of the parliamentary elections. He also announced the end of the power of Law and Justice. In the Sejt, voting is carried out according to the proportional system; it is he who approves the government by a simple majority. According to the election results, opponents of the ruling party received more than 51% of the votes.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also previously called his party’s third victory in a row “historic.” According to Morawiecki, Polish President Andrzej Duda will instruct him to form a government, since “this is the political tradition in Poland.”

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