The registry office spoke about the trend of giving children triple names


Recently, in Moscow registry offices there has been a tendency to call a child a double or triple name. About this in a conversation with RIA Novosti told Head of the Moscow Civil Registry Office Svetlana Ukhaneva.

Among the options, Ukhaneva named such names as Alexandra Flor de Maria and Adrien Jules Michel. In addition, she noted that in recent years, parents are increasingly using the shortened form of the child’s name as the official name – Sasha or Alex instead of Alexandra or Alexandra, Max instead of Maxim, Vita instead of Victoria, etc.

The most popular names, according to Ukhaneva, turned out to be Alexander and Sofia (Sofia). From January to September, 1,699 boys and 1,900 girls were registered. In Moscow, names such as Timofey, Arseny, Yegor Konstantin, as well as Varvara, Miroslava, Polina and Adeline have become increasingly popular.

It is clarified that many parents like to give their children names in a space theme (Cosmos, Mars, Galaktion, Albert Mercury) and in a floral theme (Margarita, Lily, Jasmine, Astra, etc.). In addition, among the registered children there were boys and girls named after seasons and months, as well as children with ancient Greek names.

According to the registry office data, the most popular female names in 2023 remain Sofia, Eva, Anna, Maria and Victoria. Among male names, parents more often choose the names Mikhail, Artem, Alexander, Matvey and Maxim.


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