The reactions of Real Madrid after defeat against América Femenino

Real Madrid Femenino lost 3-2 to América Femenil and at the end of the match, Kenti Robles and Athenea del Castillo spoke about their experience

Real Madrid Femenino ended their pre-season tour of Mexico with a 2-3 loss to América, the reigning champions of the Liga BBVA MX Femenil.

This was the second game for the meringues, who had previously won 3-1 against Tigres; Against the Águilas, they played at the Azteca Stadium, one of the most internationally recognized sports venues.

“A Mexican is captain of Madrid”, Kenti Robles

But playing against América meant a reunion, since Kenti Robles, captain of the Mexican Women’s National Team, was present at the match and wore the Madrid captain’s badge.

At the end of the match, the Mexican defense spoke about what this experience meant, “I left at the age of eight and I returned as captain of Real Madrid. In a few years when I see this I will say: ‘I was here as a captain and above all as a Mexican,’ he said, ‘I want to make it very clear that a Mexican is the captain of Real Madrid and she is a source of pride,’ he added.

Robles ‘ career as a soccer player was built entirely in Iberian territory, especially considering that the Mexican league has only existed for six years. Kenti analyzed the development of women’s sports.

“Women’s soccer has grown a lot, but I always tell future generations to have their feet on the ground, not to lose that closeness, what will differentiate us is to be aware that we are only soccer players and that just as the prop meets their role, we are all part of a mechanism to continue growing in the field,” he declared.

World champion with Spain thanks to experience in Mexico

On the other hand, Athenea de l Castillo, forward of Real Madrid, also spoke about her experience playing in Mexico, in which they had a victory and a defeat.

“I had a very positive experience, In the end, they have been very attentive to us, and we have received incredible affection, Being able to play in these stadiums I think it has been an experience that I will take forever. The result has not been what we expected, but we will continue working, it is clear that it is the second preseason game,” he stated.

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