The Rada has completed the deadline to ban religious organizations associated with Russia

The Verkhovna Rada supported the first reading of a bill on the protection of the activities of religious organizations in Ukraine that are associated with Russia, which could implicate the activities of the UOC-MP.

Dzherelo: people’s deputies Yaroslav ZheleznyakIrina Gerashchenko, Victoria Syumar at social measures

Details: Bill No. 8371 about the protection of religious organizations associated with the Russian Federation, adopted from the first reader.

267 people’s deputies voted “for”.

Vote by faction and group:

  • Servant of the people – 175
  • ES – 26
  • Batkivshchyna – 17
  • Platform for life and peace – 1
  • For Mayday – 8
  • Voice – 18
  • Dovira – 12
  • Renewal of Ukraine – 0

Syumar indicates that the defense of the UOC-MP in the Rada came out to stop the colossal spivhead of the defended OPZH Yuriy Boyko, People’s Deputy Yevgeny Shevchenko and inclusions from the warehouse of the faction “Servant of the People” Artem Dmitruk.

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