The Prosecutor General’s Office recognized the German ZOiS center as undesirable

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office recognized the German Zentrum fur Osteuropa – und internationale Studien (Center for Eastern European and International Studies, ZOiS) as undesirable. About it reports press service of the department.

“The true goals of the center are to initiate anti-Russian sentiments, discredit Russia’s authority in the international arena, destabilize the socio-political situation within our country, and promote information that distorts the history of the Russian state,” the statement says.

According to the State Prosecutor’s Office, the organization, “under the guise of so-called humanitarian and scientific projects,” collected information about the activities of government bodies and internal political processes, “on the basis of which it prepared analytical reports that distorted the real state of affairs in our country.”

“At the same time, these reports are prepared according to Western “manuals” solely on the basis of data that does not correspond to reality, based on the subjective fabrications of foreign pseudo-experts who do not have sufficient education, including those who have Russian citizenship,” the Prosecutor General’s Office added.

ZOiS is engaged in social research on Eastern Europe. The organization’s website states that the center receives no direction when choosing a topic. The center was founded by a resolution of the Bundestag (German Parliament) and is financed by the German Foreign Ministry.

September 5 GP admitted undesirable activities of the British non-governmental organization International Transport Workers Federation (ITF, International Transport Workers Federation). According to the department, the federation, “following the example of Great Britain,” is promoting a ban on the entry of Russian ships into the ports of other countries, etc.

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