The Poltava OVA showed traces of the attack on Mirgorod

The Poltava OVA showed the remains of a missile attack on Mirgorod on June 16 and reported another deterioration in the social infrastructure.

Dzherelo: head of Poltava OVA in Telegram

Straight language: “Narasis commissions have already secured 40 buildings and 36 apartments. The work is worrying. It also became clear that as a result of the night’s enemy attack, another object of social infrastructure has been damaged by the Vibukhov’s disease. “The window of the building was often broken. Fortunately, there were no casualties.”


Photo – Poltavska OVA

Photo – Poltavska OVA

Photo – Poltavska OVA

What was it blowing?:

  • Vrantsi 16th anniversary Vidomothat two adults and a 10-year-old child suffered near the Poltava region as a result of the Russian attack.

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