The police showed the first signs after the attack on Pokrovsk

Donetsk police released a video of the first shelling after a wound attack on a socialist near Pokrovska, which resulted in the wounding of 14 people.

Dzherelo: press service police of Donetsk region

Details: The video from the body camera shows that part of it had collapsed and people were walking under the rubble.

In addition, the police reported that as of 16:30 there were 14 injured people. One person died in a hospital.

Among the wounded – 9 practical management of social protection of the population and 2 divisions, from 32 to 68 years.

Ruinuvan was recognized by the administration of the USZN, a social infrastructure facility, two medical facilities and two rich apartment buildings.

What happened before:

  • The Russians shelled Pokrovsk on June 13, as a result of which 1 person died. Previously, 13 injuries were reported.
  • Later rituals distal from the rubble three people after the Russian attack on the place.

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