The plane from Irkutsk took off for Phuket after a 74-hour delay

The plane, en route from Irkutsk to Phuket, took off to its destination after a three-day delay. About it reported press service of the East Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office.

“Today at 07:28 hours (02:28 Moscow time – Ed.) 383 passengers safely departed from the airport in Irkutsk. The total flight delay time was 73 hours 58 minutes,” the statement said.

The Transport Prosecutor’s Office noted that in response to complaints, inspections will be organized, following which, if necessary, prosecutorial response measures will be taken.

Initially, the Ikar airline plane was supposed to take off from Irkutsk at 05:15 on September 24 local time, but the flight was postponed until 03:00 on September 25. Later, the airline’s press service announced a postponement of the departure date to September 27. Such a delay explained a malfunction in the aircraft’s hydraulic system.

At the same time, the airline announced that it was ready to pay tourists the full cost of tour packages if they cancel the tour. The airline promised to pay compensation to the remaining passengers for a shortened stay in Phuket.

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