The operation against Israel near the Gazi sector, which was planned for the weekend, was postponed – NYT

A New York Times report confirms that the Israeli army has suffered the beginnings of a ground operation as plannedIt’s been a weekend, we’ve had it through the weather.

Dzherelo: NYT from poslannyam on dzherela in the army to Israel

Details: According to the officers, the initial invasion was planned for the weekend, but was postponed for several days through the gloom, which would “make it easier for Israeli pilots and drone operators to ensure the protection of ground forces in ійск”.

It is being clarified that during the special operation, in addition to the hunt, the Israeli strike forces will include tanks, engineers and special forces, the officers added.

The ground forces will cover combat aircraft, helicopters, drones and artillery that we fire from land and sea.

It is clear that their goal is the defeat of Hamas and the elimination of its leaders responsible for the attack on Israel on the 7th.

Guess what: On June 14, the Israeli Defense Forces reported that Merada Abu Merada, who wasone of the leading contributors for an attack on the country 7 zhovtnya.

The Israel Defense Forces later stated that impoverished the commander of the special police unit Hamas “Nukhba”, which is responsible for the Hamas attack on Israeli communities near the Gazi Strip last weekend.

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