The new Tinkoff Bank application has disappeared from the App Store again


The DocStorage application, a disguised Tinkoff banking application, disappeared from the App Store in less than a day, a Vedomosti correspondent was convinced.

On the morning of October 19, the press service of Tinkoff Bank published link to this application in her Telegram channel and recommended that you “have time to download” it. “With it, you will receive regular updates and push notifications, and also comfortably use Tinkoff on your iPhone or other iOS device,” the message says.

In March 2023, Tinkoff applications, including “Tinkoff Bank” and “Tinkoff Investments”, gone missing from the App Store. This happened after the EU imposed sanctions on the bank at the end of February. The credit institution assured that previously downloaded applications will continue to work on devices.

On August 1, the Tinkoff Bank application will also disappeared from Google Play. At the same time, Tinkoff Investments and Tinkoff Mobile were still available for download. On July 20, Tinkoff came under blocking sanctions from the United States and Canada. The press service of the credit institution noted that the restrictions will not affect the bank’s work in Russia and announced detailed information in connection with the changes. From the message from the Tinkoff Investments press service it follows that trading in all US securities will continue as usual.


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