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The new sports courts in El Palmar will be ready in September

The new slopes that will expand the sports offer in El Palmar, the largest district in Murcia, will be ready in September. Therefore, some works that began in March in the Plaza de la Democracia and that have a budget of more than 220,000 euros are already facing their final stretch.

This project that is being carried out in the streets where the number 1 in the world, Carlos Alcaraz, grew up, includes precisely the creation of a tennis court. It is one of the four zones into which the facilities will be divided. Another, the largest, will consist of a sports area that will contain two basketball courts, one for futsal or handball and another for volleyball.

There will also be a space for calisthenics exercises, where parallel bars and push-ups, bridges, benches, and horizontal and vertical stairs will be installed. Finally, the space set up for bio-healthy games will be equipped with elements such as pony, rowing, swing, waist, elevator, and cross-country skiing.

Both the sports courts and the tennis courts will be protected by an enclosure of electro-welded mesh four meters high, that is, to prevent the loss of balls and balls. In the case of the calisthenics and bio-healthy game areas, the mesh will be 1.5 meters.

“We believe that it is important that this area be completely open, for the entire town, so that it can be used in a general way, and become not only a sports area but also a meeting and socialization space for the inhabitants of this area. district. “said the mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta, who visited the works on Tuesday.

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