The Navy clarified: okrim "Pavel Derzhavin" buv poshkodzheniy tug

The military-naval forces clarified that the Russian patrol ship “Pavlo Derzhavin” was damaged for two days, and the tugboat “Nikolai Muru” was damaged.

Dzherelo: Speaker of the Military-Naval Forces ZSU Dmytro Pletenchuk in a commentary to “Ukrainian Pravda”

Direct language from Pletenchuk: “Okrіm “Pavel Derzhavin” on the 13th of the year, having recovered the tugboat “Professor Nikolai Muru” from the warehouse of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.”

Details: Pletenchuk said that “Pavel Derzhavin”, having rejected two offenses and “reasons that need to be removed” from Sevastopol, is now collapsing in Russia.

The Navy riverman said that there is no confirmation of the confirmation of the carrying of the Buyan winged missiles, about which previously reported.

Also, the department does not immediately disclose the details of the operation, changes in health conditions.

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