The Moscow Exchange will conduct trading on all markets on a non-working day on November 6

On a non-working day, Monday, November 6, the Moscow Exchange will conduct trading on all markets with the exception of certain instruments on the foreign exchange market and the precious metals market. The restrictions will apply to spot transactions with settlements on the day of conclusion (transactions with TODAY settlements) and overnight swap transactions. About it it says in the trading platform message.

At the same time, the conclusion of over-the-counter transactions with the central counterparty on the market of standardized derivative financial instruments (SDFIs) on this day will be carried out with settlements for all instruments, with the exception of SPDI contracts providing for obligations expressed in Russian rubles.

Trading is held as usual on November 3 and 7, November 4-5 are non-trading days off, the platform indicated.

Previously Moscow Exchange reported which will resume the opening auction for all futures contracts on the derivatives market from October 30.

The auction stopped after trading on the derivatives market was suspended on September 13 due to an error in the trading and clearing system. Then the trading platform decided to freeze operations until retesting of the module was completed.

October 16 Moscow Exchange launched conducting stock exchange commodity auctions for the sale of milk and dairy products with loading into the buyer’s vehicle.

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