The Moscow Exchange will cease trading in United Credit Systems shares from October 18


Moscow Exchange reportedwhich, as of October 18, will cease trading in ordinary shares of the United Credit Systems (“UCS”) company based on an application to terminate the listing.

The price of securities during trading on October 9 increased by 21% to 950 rubles. As of 13:05 Moscow time, their cost was 930 rubles (+18.47%). The Moscow Exchange Index at this time was at 3,177.96 (+1.05%). Since the beginning of the year, it has grown by 47%, the company’s quotes by 9%.

June 29, 2023 OKS shareholders at the annual meeting accepted a decision to terminate the public status of the company, as well as to submit an application to the Moscow Exchange for the delisting of the company’s ordinary shares, which were assigned the third level of listing.

It was also reported that shareholders who own voting shares have the right to demand that the company buy back all or part of their shares if they voted “against” or did not take part in voting on this issue on the agenda of the annual general meeting of shareholders. The share repurchase price was 945 rubles. Shareholders could demand a buyout within 45 days from the date of the decision on delisting.

The main activity of OKS is investment activity, including the purchase and sale of securities, investment in property, and asset value management.


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